When i came to Korea for the very first time in 2010, i could only find one Austrian beer: Zipfer! Quickly i came up with the idea to bring Austrian beer to the Korean Market but i guess i was way to slow with this business opportunity :P Today i found the first Ottakringer beer in South Korea, in a Homeplus Supermarket! And i know that most of the famous Austrian beer brands already entered the Korean Market.

Until this year i was still bringing Sunjin (my wives sister) some Gösser Naturradler (because she really, really likes it) but i know that you can get it already in some stores here in Korea. So instead of traveling around the world with beer cans in my lagguage, i should just figure out, where to buy some Gösser Radler here! ;)

Still, Austrian beer is SUPER DUPER expensive here!


3500 Won are 2,8 Euro, what is nearly 3x times more expensive than in Austria. Of course i don’t expect to get it for the same price but 3x more expensive is quite tough! Anyway i always prefer to drink local beers, so here in Korea i like to drink the Korean beer, especially CASS! Also because i really like to drink beer (as you can see on my contact page ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) and drinking beer for 3500 Won would bancrupt my budget pretty soon ;)

But if somebody of Stiegl Korea, Gösser Korea or Ottakringer Korea is interested in sponsoring me, hit me up! :D

But Austrian beer is not the only expensive alcohol here in Korea. Jägermeister (also one of my most favorites herbal liqueurs!) is also pretty pricey here, 39k Won for a 0,7l of Jägermeister, phew, phew, that’s a lil more than 31 Euro for this lil bottle!


I have some funny Jägermeister experiences here in Korea, but i guess, that’s a topic for another blogpost (or even vlog ㅋㅋㅋ)!