Since i am still looking for something like my favourite spot / pub here in my neighborhood, where i can hang out on a regular base and drink some good crafted beer, we went to the Dog & Pig Pub in Sindorim to give it a shot and also to celebrate Sunjins birthday :)

They seem to have a wired taste in music (or how can you explain playing Mariah Carey’s “All i want for christmas is you” in the middle of summer with 35+ degree outside? :P) but it is indeed a nice and cosy pub!

But unfortunately there is real bummer: the Dog & Pig is pretty expensive :-/ of course selfmade crafted beer can’t be as cheap as the one from the big brands but also the finger food and pizzas are pretty pricey. And you can’t just have a beer without snacks in Korea, so it gets costy immediately! For sure i will come back again but unfortunately no space where i can hang out once or twice a week :P

Personal conclusion: nice pub with really good beer! the pizzas are a lil tiny but tasty.. as mentioned, pretty expensive!