Bรครครครครครคm! Finally i am back in vlogging mode and i took my new Canon G7X Mark II for a lil walk through my “hood” Sindorim! It is my very first outdoor vlog with it, so i just wanted to get comfortable with it and see how the video material will turn out. So the vlog isn’t too fancy, don’t expect too much :P But it was fun to take it out for a spin and test it. I am very satisfied with the video image quality of the camera, waaaaay better than the GoPro! But yeah, for 700 bucks you can expect better quality somehow :P


I started my vlog at the Sindorim Subway Station and walked around a lil bit. The weather is still pretty tough, i even needed to make a small break and take a shower during the vlog. I should have put this in the vlog i think, but yeah, i am still getting used to this “vlogging” thing ;)

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