It is done! Finally! After three hard years of studying i finally finished my Korean studies at the University of Vienna! After passing all Korean language exams, just my bachelor thesis was left and i was waiting for the final grade for a very long time! I was pretty confident that everything went smoothly but yeah, you never know until it is really done!

Some of my friends from the Korean studies are also in Korea right now and we decided to catch up a lil bit, with some BBQ and Makgeolli (๋ง‰๊ฑธ๋ฆฌ)! Just right before we wanted to say good bye to each other and split up, Ella got the e-Mail, that our finaly grades are finally online! But before i tell you the whole story, you better watch my vlog :D

Although i am super happy to have finished my studies now, i will miss my teachers and co-students a lot :) It was a bunch of really nice people and i had a great time with all of them! Of course exam-time drove me nuts (sorry Dani and Martin) but looking back, it was a great time! Also again BIG THX to my fiance Sujin, her sister Sunjin and Tobias, who helped me a lot during my studies! Without your help, i am sure, i wouldn’t be able to finish! Thx!

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P.P.S: If you have any kind of question about the Korean Studies at the University of Vienna (Universitรคt Wien, Institut fรผr Ostasienwissenschaften Koreanologie), just let me know :) I will try to answer it in the best way i can. For actual help i would recommand you to contact the student representation on Facebook!