There is a small Facebook Group called “Sindorim Crew“, founded by a guy who lives in Sindorim and arranges meetings for locals here. What a great idea and of course i joined the facebook group. Soon Tom, the founder of this group, organized a small meeting and we went out for some pizza and beer!


The pizza itself was okay, bascially good but they could use some real tomato sauce instead of ketchup haha :P It was more the good atmosphere i was enjoying! People from all over the world joined us and we had a lot of good talks! Later we continued to have some drinks in a close by convenient store!


Great people! Great evening! I had a blast and i will join the next meetings for sure! If you are living Sindorim / Guro area, don’t hesistate and stop by for a chitchat! If you want to join the group, there you go! :)

Seeya soon again!