In my 16th vlog about my life in Korea, I’ll show you, how Sujin and me got a new haircut. Like everywhere else also in South Korea / Seoul it isn’t easy to find a good hair dresser / stylist, who knows what she/he is doing. We usually went to a hair dresser in our area, but Suij and me were not too satisfied lately. And because Sujin wanted to cut her hair short and get a new style, we decided to head out to Lala Yo Sang (λΌλΌμš”μƒ), who is a very talented hair stylist located in Sinsa-Dong. Because we know Yo Sang (μš”μƒ) for a long time, he squizzed us into his tight schedule and took care of both of us. At the end, Suin as well as me were super happy with our new haircut and it was totally worth the travel and the money. So if you are looking for a good hair stylist in Seoul, check out Lala Yo Sang (λΌλΌμš”μƒ)!

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